Ritholtz's Reads: Uber, Rebranded

Here are your weekend reads.

Pour yourself a strong cup of joe, settle into your favorite chair, and enjoy our longer-form weekend reads:

  • The Inside Story of Uber’s Radical Rebranding (Wired)
  • What’s Wrong With Craig Venter? The multi-millionaire maverick says he can help you live a better, longer life. (New Republic)
  • Everything You Know About Martin Shkreli Is Wrong—or Is It? (Vanity Fair)
  • Wall Street’s Straight Man in Washington: Representative Scott Garrett’s antigay views are making Wall Street reconsider how it does business. (Bloomberg)
  • Scammers and Spammers: Inside Online Dating’s Sex Bot Con Job (Rolling Stone)
  • How the New Science of Freezing Can Save Your Life (Outside), see also The Battle Over CRISPR Could Make Or Break Some Biotech Companies (FiveThirtyEight)
  • A Traffic Cop’s Ticket Bonanza In A Poor Texas Town (BuzzFeed), see also How Police Officers Seize Cash From Innocent Americans (Priceonomics)
  • Why (almost) everything you know about food is wrong (Vox)
  • The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy (Vulture)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Bank of America Merrill Lynch economist Ethan Harris.

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