Early Returns

The Iowa Postmortem Continues

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dave Hopkins on what we learned from Iowa.

2. Matthew Dickinson also has conclusions from the caucuses. I’ve pointed it out before, but it’s worth repeating: Political scientists are hardly monolithic in these sorts of analysis (both of these excellent scholars see things somewhat differently than I do). We all share quite a bit of common knowledge, but we often reach different conclusions.

3. Lee Drutman at Polyarchy on Mitch McConnell (and Harry Reid), fraidy-cat.

4. At the Huffington Post, Mark Blumenthal and Jon Cohen with a very helpful postmortem about the polls in Iowa.

5. The Upshot’s Nate Cohn looks at Donald Trump and the Iowa polls.

6. Here at Bloomberg View, Ramesh Ponnuru on Ted Cruz after Iowa.

7. And Jennifer Bendery at HuffPo tracked down one of the 12 Iowans who caucused for Jim Gilmore.

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