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Ritholtz's Reads: Trump, Apple and Hating Slack

Here are your Thursday morning reads.

My post-FOMC, "Is it really different this time?" morning train reads:

  • Which Slumps First, Stocks or Economy? (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • James Montier on Fed-Induced Bubbles, Market Valuations, Smart Beta and Liquid Alts (Advisor Perspectives)
  • Market Crashes, Stock Scandals: Lessons from the U.S. frontier in the 19th century for China and other emerging markets (WSJ)
  • 34 Charts: This Time Is Different (CFA Institute)
  • Apple Q1 2016 Results: $75.9 Billion Revenue, 74.8 Million iPhones, 16.1 Million iPads Sold (MacStories), see also No Need to Fret, Apple Is Doing Fine (NYT)
  • You’re About to Hate Slack as Much as You Hate E-Mail (Bloomberg)
  • Twitter Has Become Secret-Handshake Software (Re/code)
  • Trump and the Art of Ruining a Deal: A Case Study (Bloomberg View), but see Could This Map Make Donald Trump President? (Slate)
  • Touring Can’t Save Musicians in the Age of Spotify (NYT)
  • What Went Wrong In Flint (FiveThirtyEight), see also The Flint disaster is Rick Snyder’s fault (Washington Post)

What are you reading?

Apple’s Winning Streak Soon to End


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