Someone Finally Moves Against Trump. Why Now?

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Seth Masket at Pacific Standard on the National Review's anti-Trumpism.

2. See also Hans Noel at Mischiefs of Faction on Donald Trump and the National Review. I may have more on this later, but I think the important point from the view of party actors is: Trump may be currently running as what Noel calls an “identity conservative,” but his political history strongly implies he’s not sincere at all.  

3. At the Monkey Cage, Ellen Lust, Jakob Mathias Wichmann and Gamal Soltan look at fear in Egypt.

4. At Bloomberg Politics, Laurence Arnold on SarahPAC. Good piece, but it's not clear whether Sarah Palin is personally benefiting from the political action committee or if it’s just a case of campaign professionals using her to benefit themselves. The same questions have been raised about the Ben Carson campaign.

5. Here at Bloomberg View, Ramesh Ponnuru on why Republican Party actors are nuts to tilt toward Trump over Ted Cruz.

6. And the Upshot’s Nate Cohn on Bernie Sanders and infrequent voters.

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