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Ritholtz's Reads: An Economy of Chicken Littles

Here are your Monday morning reads.

My post-blizzard, early morning train reads:

It Was The Best of Days, It Was The Worst of Days (Irrelevant Investor)

Market ‘Capitulation’ Is Nowhere in Sight (So Far) (WSJsee also When Bears Drive Porsches (Gadfly)

Gold Is Back in Fashion After a $15 Trillion Global Selloff (Bloomberg)

How States Like Nevada Can Make Life Very Difficult for the Solar Industry (Slate)

Recent outbreak of bearishness is unnecessary (FTsee also Struggle to Quell Investor Fears Over Unsettled Emerging Markets (NYT)

An Economy of Chicken Littles: Markets and politicians are both crying that the sky is falling, but the facts say otherwise. Buy gas recently? (Politico)

America Is Still Losing at Skyscrapers (New York magazine)

We may be running out of fish far faster than we realized (Quartz)

How a College Student Used Creative Commons to Dominate Political Photography (Priceonomics)

Mysterious blobs in our Milky Way could be part of the missing matter (The Conversation)

Asset Managers Are Hard Hit  

asset mgrs

Source: WSJ

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