Early Returns

Tricky Polls and the End of Parking

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Dan Drezner on real-time punditry.

2. Good point from Dave Hopkins on what the Bernie Sanders comments about “establishment” Democratic groups suggest about how Sanders is thinking about his campaign.

3. At the Huffington Post, Natalie Jackson examines the polls and finds Donald Trump’s lead isn’t as impressive as it might seem.

4. Max Ehrenfreund at Wonkblog on Trump, liberals and conspiracy theories.

5. Greg Sargent on the electability arguments for Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

6. Good debunker from HuffPost’s Samantha Guff of a poll question designed to show ignorance.

7. At Mother Jones, Clive Thompson on the future of parking.

8. The Washington Post’s Matea Gold reports on deep-pocketed Republicans and how they’re enjoying the debates ...

9. ... while Zachary Mider at Bloomberg Politics profiles Ted Cruz donor Robert Mercer.

10. At the Washington Examiner, Kristen Soltis Anderson argues that Trump won’t be hurt by his deviations from conservative orthodoxy. Perhaps, but I’d be more convinced if someone actually gave it a serious try and found it didn’t work.

11. And Act Four’s Alyssa Rosenberg considers a syllabus for studying whiteness.

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