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Ritholtz's Reads: Selloffs and Recessions

Here are your morning train reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

Everyone is a Closet Technician (Reformed Broker)

Stock Market Sell-Offs Without a Recession (A Wealth of Common Sensesee also The Great Myths of Investing (Above the Market)

Strategists: full of bull (Statistical Ideas)

Why Bond Funds Failed in 2015 (Barron’ssee also Junk Bonds Go Sour, but the Question Is How Sour (NYT)

Fed’s $216 Billion Treasuries Rollover Recalls Crisis Era Buying (Bloomberg)

China’s Economic Growth in 2015 Is Slowest in 25 Years (WSJsee also China devaluation – a necessary evil? (FT)

Secrets of the MIT Poker Course (Mental Floss)

U. California’s Chair on How to Hire a Great CIO (Chief Investment Officerbut see The other side of paradise: Glamorous tech startups can be brutal places for workers (The Economist)

Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters (FiveThirtyEight)

Elizabeth Warren’s dilemma: Should she endorse Clinton, or Sanders? (Washington Postsee also How Elizabeth Warren Is Shaping 2016 Without Picking a Side (Bloomberg)

A Messy Relationship


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