Early Returns

Food Stamps and the Bill Clinton Question

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. At the Monkey Cage, Andrew Gelman on public opinion and ideology.

2. John Patty at Mischiefs of Faction on Donald Trump, the nomination and the Republican Party.

3. Jason Lyall at the Monkey Cage on growing Taliban strength in Afghanistan.

4. Robert Greenstein at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities talks food stamps.

5. Great catch by Brian Beutler: Why aren’t the Democratic candidates pushing a public option on health insurance? That the public option would become an absolute litmus test for Democratic candidates in 2010 and beyond was probably my all-time worst prediction. I’m baffled, too.

6. The FiveThirtyEight presidential primary (and caucus) predictions are here.

7. Jim Tankersley on Twitter: “Trump is basically the only GOP candidate on television, and has been for a month.”

8. And Act Four’s Alyssa Rosenberg on how fictionalized versions of Hillary Clinton have answered the Bill question.

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