Congress, Trump and a Nation in Pretty Good Shape

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Molly Reynolds at Brookings counts five things to watch for on Capitol Hill in 2016.

2. Good mythbusting from John Sides at the Monkey Cage on 1988 and the Willie Horton ad.

3. Also at the Monkey Cage: Andrew Rudalevige has more on Barack Obama, the presidency and guns.

4. Lynn Vavreck at the Upshot interviews David Karol, one of "The Party Decides" authors, on Trump and the state of the nomination process.

5. Chris Cillizza at the Fix interviews Josh Putnam, the maven of nomination rules and the calendar.

6. Jonathan Chait on Marco Rubio, conservative.

7. MSNBC’s Steve Benen reminds us of another milestone for the House Benghazi Committee.

8. Kevin Drum pleads with the media to stop overcovering Trump.  

9. And Politico’s Michael Grunwald argues that things are very good in the U.S. right now.

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