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Ritholtz's Reads: Odds of a Global Disaster

Here are your morning reads.

Strap yourself in for another bumpy ride -- and our morning train reads: 

• Why global economic disaster is an unlikely event (FTbut see Biggest Economies Face $7 Trillion Debt Refinancing Tab in 2016 (Bloomberg

• How these Chicago firms took on spoofing (Crain’s Chicago

• 2016 Will Be (Another) Test Of The Economic Recovery (FiveThirtyEight

• Bernanke: What did you do in the currency war, Daddy? (Brookings

• The Impact of the Fiduciary Standard on the Finance Industry (A Wealth of Common Sense

• A Big Victory for Utilities in the Net Metering Battle Over Rooftop Solar (MIT Technology Reviewsee also The Conservative Case for Solar Subsidies (NYT

• Significant Contribution: Apple Watches & Cars (Asymco

• Creativity Is Not An Accident (Scott Berkunsee also When You Should Worry About Failure, and When You Shouldn’t (Harvard Business Review

• Why the Government Owns So Much Land in the West (Upshot

• President Obama’s boldest action on guns yet, explained (Voxsee also Most Americans Agree With Obama That More Gun Buyers Should Get Background Checks (FiveThirtyEight

What are you reading?

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