Plutocrats, Tax 'Reform' and Listless Voters

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1. Can’t wait to read Rick Hasen’s new book, "Plutocrats United." Until then I’ll settle for his Los Angeles Times column on the California campaign finance initiative.

2. At the Monkey Cage, Michael Tesler analyzes the effects of daughters on voting in the Democratic primaries.

3. At the Washington Post, Dan Drezner looks at the Iran deal and the Iran-Saudi Arabia clash.

4. HuffPollster’s Janie Velencia on the enthusiasm gap showing up in polling.

5. My View colleague Megan McArdle has a nice one on tax expenditures and why we shouldn’t be expecting tax reform any time soon. Well, reform that removes tax preferences in exchange for lowering rates. Under unified Republican government, we’ll likely get “tax reform” that eliminates a small number of tax preferences while slashing revenues. That is, a large tax cut with window dressing.

6. And don’t miss this one: Politico’s Darren Samuelsohn has an in-depth look at all those executive-branch vacancies piling up – or, as I call it, Mitch McConnell’s partial government shutdown.

(Corrects description in the first paragraph of the subject of a Los Angeles Times article. It is about a state initiative, not a federal one.)

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