Ritholtz's Reads: Amazon's Cloud Forecast

Here are your morning reads.

We're getting close to the last of the 2015 morning reads.  Let the countdown begin:

• The Stock Market Is Not As Expensive Or Growth As Low As It Appears (Forbes

• How Amazon Has Clouded Wall Street’s Vision (WSJ

• Why Long/Short Funds Have Performed So Poorly? (A Wealth of Common Sense

• ZIRP, And The Factors That Launched 1,000 ETFs (Investor Field Guide)

• 2015: The Year in Charts (NYTsee also Don’t Blame Uncertainty for the Slow Recovery (Bloomberg View)

• Investment Advice That Will Pass Time’s Test (Think Advisor)

• How the internet misled you in 2015 (BBC)

• The Genetics of Intelligence (NeuroLogica)

• Best Cars to Buy in 2016 (Bloomberg)

• Why Preventing Cancer Is Not the Priority in Drug Development (The Upshot)

What are you reading?

CCC-rated and unwanted


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