Trump's Values, Rubio's Strategy

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Nancy Wadsworth at the Monkey Cage considers Donald Trump and American values.

2. Also at the Monkey Cage: Elizabeth Bergman on the effects of vote-by-mail on turnout.

3. I think this counts as good news: Evidence, summarized by Nathan Collins at Pacific Standard, that many of us aren’t really as blindly partisan as our survey answers suggest, at least when it comes to factual information.

4. Julia Azari and Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction on the role of the formal national party organizations.

5. Good Harry Enten item at FiveThirtyEight on Lindsey Graham dropping out as an action to stop Donald Trump.

6. I’m with the Fix’s Chris Cillizza: Marco Rubio’s campaign approach is best thought of as a deliberate strategy: He's gambling that what matters is the party, especially the national party.

7. Matt Yglesias wonders if one of Rubio’s problems is that he hasn’t proved himself trustworthy to other Republicans.

8. Here at View, Barry Ritholtz on Trump and bubbles.

9. And Dan McLaughlin spins out a Republican nomination scenario. He keeps Rand Paul in way too long, and Jeb Bush a little too long, given the results he posits, but it is a lot of fun.

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