Early Returns

How GOP Foreign-Policy Fantasies Shield Obama

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Sarah Binder at the Monkey Cage explains why Congress has been somewhat more functional lately – and why it’s probably not going to last.

2. Dave Hopkins looks at how the media will cover the next rounds of the Republican nomination race.

3. Amber Phillips at the Fix on Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and the spending bill.

4. The American Conservative’s Dan Larison argues that a fantasy foreign policy is nothing new for the Republicans, and makes an important point: Their failure to stick to reality means Barack Obama’s real foreign-policy failures don’t get the opposition criticism they deserve.

5. Ed Kilgore has a guess about Donald Trump’s next move in the Red Queen’s race.

6. Ross Douthat on how Jeb Bush could still win. He’s correct: It’s unlikely, but by no means impossible.

7. And Adam Serwer at Buzzfeed on Trumpism.

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