Your Daily Dose of Trump

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. At the Monkey Cage, Cristian Vaccari, Andrew Chadwick and Ben O'Loughlin have new research on how we watch debates now.

2. Pre-debate, Dan Drezner looked at Ted Cruz’s foreign policy and was not impressed.

3. Thorough examination of Donald Trump’s media coverage and polling results from Nate Silver. I think he winds up about where I am: Trump is running a Red Queen race to retain the bulk of media attention, and if he loses that race his poll numbers will drop as well.  

4. Excellent Nate Cohn item at the Upshot on where Trump stands in the nomination contest.

5. Jennifer Jones of the Des Moines Register reports on Trump’s field operation in Iowa.

6. Here at View, Francis Wilkinson explains "Trump's Coalition of the Descending." 

7. And Jonathan Chait has a brilliant theory of Trump’s doctor and lawyer.

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