Rubio's Untraditional Iowa Strategy

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction on the presidency, and the damage that a true wild-card president could do. Even those of us who emphasize how weak the presidency is agree that the president still has more influence over policy than any other single political actor.

2. Rick Hasen in the Los Angeles Times on the Evenwel one-person, one-vote Supreme Court case.

3. At the Monkey Cage, Stefano Costalli and Andrea Ruggeri apply research on armed resistance to the case of Islamic State sympathizers.

4. Great reporting from Iowa by National Review’s Tim Alberta and Eliana Johnson about how Marco Rubio is running an untraditional campaign by de-emphasizing organized voter mobilization.

5. Henry Olson at the Atlantic argues that live phone interviews are understating Donald Trump’s support. Possible -- but comparing Trump to European nationalist parties doesn’t account for the differences between those situations.

6. He may be fading in the polls, but don’t you still want to know about Ben Carson’s new health-care plan? HuffPost’s Jeffrey Young tried to analyze it.

7. Carson fades, Ted Cruz rallies. Chris Cillizza makes the case that Cruz is the favorite to be nominated.

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