Ritholtz's Reads: Black Friday Bunk

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Back from the holidays, five pounds heavier, right back in the swing of things with our morning train reads: 

• Early Black Friday Sales Numbers Are Bunk (The Atlanticsee also Black Friday Just a Day This Year, No Longer a Bellwether (NYT

• Would you let a mystic manage your investment portfolio? (Washington Post

• Another Banner Year for Hindsight Capital (Reformed Broker

• How A Fellow Investor Critiqued This Trader (Stock Chartssee also 10 Investment Commandments (Investing Caffeine

• Financial Considerations for Collectors of Art, Antiques and the Esoteric (NYT

• Owning an asteroid now legal in United States (Market Business News

• Stephen Breyer, a Justice for the Global Age (Bloomberg View

• The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter (Fast Company

• Amazon Prime Video Coming to New Apple TV Possibly Within a ‘Few Weeks’ (Mac Rumorssee also Amazon Video on the App Store (iTunes

• Eater’s Manhattan Food Court Guide (Eater

Gap widens between crude and gasoline prices

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