Did Madison Alter History to Please Jefferson?

Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist. He taught political science at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University and wrote A Plain Blog About Politics.
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1. At the Upshot, Brendan Nyhan on rituals of presidential displays of emotion.

2. Dan Drezner on Ben Carson, foreign policy and the 2016 elections. He is correct: Even if foreign policy doesn't affect the outcome of general elections, it can matter in nomination battles and in other ways.

3. Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns and Money on the nomination battles and political scientists.

4. Andrew Rudalevige at the Monkey Cage says it's time for Congress to get involved in the fight against Islamic State, and debate and pass an authorization for the use of military force.

5. See also Greg Sargent at Plum Line who notes that Congress is ducking the vote in part because its members don't agree on what the U.S. should do – but it’s their job to figure it out.

6. Good Amanda Marcotte item at Slate on general-election polls a year out.

7. And is what we know about the Constitutional Convention based on spin? Fred Barbash at the Washington Post on new research into James Madison and the convention.

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