Early Returns

What Clinton Said, and Didn't Say, About Islamic State

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. John Sides compiled links to Monkey Cage posts on Islamic State, terrorism, Muslims in France, and more. Want to know what the experts know? This is where to go.

2. Also from the Monkey Cage: Kate Cronin-Furman and Michael Broache on what’s happening in Burundi.

3. Slate’s Fred Kaplan on what Hillary Clinton ducked answering about Paris and Islamic State during the Saturday night debate -- and what she did well on. A fair critique.

4. Dan Drezner is looking for grownups among the presidential candidates and not finding many.

5. Dave Hopkins on the (potential) role of conservative media in the campaign against Donald Trump and Ben Carson. I think he’s a little off here. The job of the Republican Party isn’t so much to convince voters that Trump and Carson are disasters; it will be to build up one or more alternatives. Very few voters have firm attachments now. They’re just using the candidates they’ve heard of as placeholders for now.

6. The HuffPollster crew explains why polling Hispanic voters is so difficult -- and what some opinion-survey operations are doing to try to overcome the challenges.

7. Josh Barro at the Upshot on tax simplification, including Carly Fiorina’s fictional three-page tax law.

8. My View colleague Ramesh Ponnuru on conservatives and monetary policy,

9. Hillary Clinton has a huge lead in superdelegates. And, no, as NPR’s Domenico Montanaro explains, it’s isn't anything like her 2007 lead.

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