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Ritholtz's Reads: No Evidence Financial Pros Make Better Decisions

Here are your Tuesday train reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

• Was Benjamin Graham Skillful or Lucky? (Total Returnsee also No evidence that financial experts make better investment decisions (Rich and Co.)

• How you, the amateur investor, can beat the pros (Washington Post)

• Goldman: This Is How S&P 500 Companies Will Use Their Cash in 2016 (Bloombergsee also Goldman: The U.S. economic expansion isn’t set to die of old age. (Bloomberg)

• Fracking killed Keystone (USA Today)

• As GE Joins the $300-Billion Club, How Top-Heavy Is the Market? (Moneybeatsee also Microsoft’s Stock Math: Fewer Shares, Pricier Shares (NYT)

• History Validates Initial Skepticism (NeuroLogica)

• Beware of Target Date Funds – Their Aim May be Way Off (Alpha Architectsee also Municipal Bonds Shine in Bleak Landscape (WSJ)

• A Year Out, Ignore General Election Polls (fivethirtyeight)

• A Thousand Years Ago, the Sun Erupted. If That Happened Now, We’d Be in Big Trouble. (Slate)

• J.J. Abrams, Star Wars Superfan, on Directing The Force Awakens (Wired

What are you reading? 

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