Early Returns

Jeb Bush's Path to the Nomination

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Mischiefs of Faction's Jonathan Ladd looks at this week’s elections.

2. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York explains why Jeb Bush could win. The failure of John Kasich and others to get anywhere at all could  make up for some of Bush’s failures. If Marco Rubio fizzles, Bush remains the most likely alternative -- and it’s still possible he could just rally on his own, anyway. 

3. Is Rubio about to disclose a series of additional supporters? David Catanese reports at U.S. News. It would be surprising -- that’s essentially what I expected when I decided he was in the lead, and he’s nabbed an additional Senate endorsement since then -- but it’s hard to know what’s spin and what’s real.

4. Shawn Zeller at Roll Call on a survey of congressional aides: Republicans at the staff level are unimpressed by their party’s leadership -- in both the House and Senate.

5. My View colleague Francis Wilkinson looks at what will happen to Medicaid expansion in Kentucky.

6. Also at View: Paula Dwyer has an idea for debates. I like the idea of diversity of formats -- and she has a nice set of questions for the Republican candidates.

7. And James Downie at the Washington Post on Ben Carson’s ignorance.

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