Trump and Carson Double Down

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1. Excellent David Dayen item in the Washington Post on Social Security Disability Insurance and the problem of big numbers.

2. The Huffpost's Natalie Jackson on the polling in the Kentucky governor election.

3. Brian Beutler's advice probably wouldn't help Jeb Bush win, but it certainly would be a worthwhile public service if Bush took on the dysfunction in his own party.

4. At, David Wasserman looks at how Republican geography and nomination rules could play out next year.

5. Byron York has a good point: If some candidates thought CNBC was biased, what’s going to happen when the Donald Trump-mocking National Review cosponsors a Republican debate?

6. Here's a suggestion from my View colleague Al Hunt: Why not let the candidates ask the questions? Not every time, but it's a worthwhile occasional format.

7. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner interviews Donald Trump on eminent domain. The mogul continues to make enemies among Republican-aligned groups.

8. Ben Carson doesn't know too much about Cuba. From Patricia Mazzei and Amy Sherman at the Miami Herald.

9. Ben Carson doesn't know too much about Medicare. From National Journal's Kyle Cheney.  

10. Ben Carson doesn't know too about the pyramids in Egypt. From Erica Brown and Ellen Uchimiya at CBS News. And no, not all candidates are like this -- in fact, most of them aren't. 

11. And lots of "Star Wars" talk on the campaign trail Wednesday. I like this theory from the Washington Post's Alexandra Petri.

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