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Ritholtz's Reads: Buffett's Way to Invest for Retirement

Here are your Wednesday train reads.

Served up piping hot for your enjoyment: Our Wednesday morning artisanal, free-range, morning train reads:

• That Time I Tried to Buy an Actual Barrel of Crude Oil (Bloomberg

• Warren Buffett’s Way to Invest for Retirement: 90/10 Allocation (CIO

• The horese-trading that gave birth to the Federal Reserve (Washington Post

• Bubbles: No One Has Any Idea What’s Going On (Motley Fool

• Are Economists Driven by Ideology or Evidence? (Fiscal Times

• Bill Gates thinks it’s time to fix capitalism (MoJosee e.g., VW sees 800,000 more cars affected by ‘inconsistencies’ (Reuters

• Maybe Spotify Isn’t Killing The Music Industry After All (FiveThirtyEight

• Everything you think you know about happiness is wrong (Quartzsee also America’s Coming Cognitive Decline (Bloomberg View

• The “myth” of basic science? (Science Blogs

• Humans have created a new top predator that is taking over the Northeast (Business Insider)

What are you reading? 

What American buy during economic expansions

spending chart

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