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Ritholtz's Reads: Buffett's Lucky Millionaires Club

Here are your Thursday train reads.

Celebrate my birthday with these fine morning train reads:

• Warren Buffett’s Lucky Millionaires Club. Early Berkshire stockholders have used shares to finance children’s educations, buy homes, donate to charity (WSJ)

• You’re Not Supposed to Understand the Federal Reserve (NYTsee also How and why the Fed raises rates is as important as when (FT)

• 50 Years Isn’t Too Long—To Borrow Cheaply: If the Brits see record demand for their 50-year bonds, why shouldn’t Uncle Sam go ultra-long? (Barron’s)

• Borzi Says DOL Fiduciary Rule Will Have Legal Teeth (Wealth Managementsee also Pension trade group believes DOL fiduciary rule is all but inevitable (Investment News)

• The 401(k) Crisis Is Getting Worse (Bloomberg)

• Daniel Kahneman on Intuition and the Outside View (Compounding My Interests)

• Study finds the warmer it gets, the more world economy hurts (APsee also US cities that will stay above sea level after global warming—and those that will disappear (Quartz)

• Venture Capital and the Internet’s Impact (Stratechery)

• Children and unintentional firearm death (Injury Epidemiologysee also What Happened to the Boy Who Accidentally Shot His Sister Dead (The Trace)

• The real reason germs spread in the winter (BBC)

What are you reading?

Venture Investments in Asia Catching Up to North America 

venture capital

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