Early Returns

Benghazi and Shopping for Health Care

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Seth Masket at Pacific Standard urges us to stop asking who “won” presidential primary debates.

2. Kevin Kosar and Anthony Madonna look at a Senate that is increasingly difficult to govern without sharp restrictions imposed by the majority leader -- measures that Republicans blamed on Harry Reid, but which Mitch McConnell has adopted as well.

3. At Rule 22, Jordan Ragusa on repealing legislation.

4. I love the Monkey Cage's election reports. This time? The Ivory Coast, from Beth Elise Whitaker and Koffi P. Charles-Hector Yao-Kouame.

5. At the New Republic, Brian Beutler assesses the Benghazi Committee’s latest missteps.

6. Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner compares Donald Trump’s campaign to Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 run. It’s true that Trump polls better in early states -- but then again, Giuliani hadn’t antagonized most of the party.

7. Vox’s Sarah Kliff goes shopping for health care.

8. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones focuses on the (or at least one) Obamacare bottom line: Reducing the numbers of the uninsured.

9. And more from Stan Collender about the upcoming debt limit and shutdown confrontations. I think I’ve said: I was much more optimistic than Collender in September, but this time around I’m much less so.

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