Republicans' Off-Kilter Fall

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1. Julia Azari has more on the nationalization of politics and the Republicans' off-kilter fall 2015. See also what she said a while ago about the possibility that nationalization and symbolic politics are at least partially responsible for making compromise so difficult. Important.

2. Also at MoF, Seth Masket argues that the conservative tilt of super-donors is an artifact of this cycle's hotly contested Republican presidential nomination and the barely contested Democratic one.

3. At the Monkey Cage, Michael Crespin looks at patterns of dropping out of presidential nomination fights.

4. Beth Reingold on "running as a woman." At the Institute of Governmental Studies blog.

5. Such a good point from Robert Farley: "Articles that amount to 'Why won't they try this one weird trick for winning all the elections?' are always wrong." 

6. I think Ross Douthat is probably correct about Senator Mike Lee -- he has the makings of a pretty good senator (while remaining very, very conservative). But it's just wishful thinking to hope that House radicals are Lee conservatives; they're almost all Ted Cruz "conservatives." Alas for conservatives, and for the nation. 

7. Not too many things really throw me, but Ben Carson arguing back against the Anti-Defamation League over the Holocaust? And, generally, the gun rights arguments based on fantasies about resisting Nazis? Yeah, I find that annoying. So I'll link to another debunking, from the New Republic's Jacob Bacharach. 

8. I'm still not exactly sure what to make of HuffPollster's survey of "the most politically active Republicans," but it's interesting, and I'm glad they're trying something a little different. Worth checking out. 

9. And Jonathan Ladd has more on institutional design and the Galactic Republic.

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