The Right Time for Joe Biden to Declare

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1. Molly Reynolds at Brookings on the House Freedom Caucus. Helpful.

2. Elaine Kamarck at Brookings says Kevin McCarthy just wasn’t suited to today’s Congressional politics. I’m not on board here. It’s not House politics that have changed; it’s a dysfunctional Republican Party, in and out of the House, that’s the problem. If Democrats somehow took back a House majority and needed a new speaker, there’s no sign at all that they would have any trouble.

3. Good Natalie Jackson item on polling methods and how to interpret polling when method appears to (possibly) matter. The correct answer? As she says: Most of the time, just toss ‘em all into the polling averages.

4. Jamelle Bouie talks to LeVar Burton about slavery, Roots, pop culture and more.

5. The limits of the perpetual trial balloon: Greg Sargent says it’s time for Joe Biden to declare. I’m not really convinced Biden is actually harming Hillary Clinton, but he probably has reached the limit of this stage of his campaign for understudy. And if what he really wants is a formal campaign? Well, Democrats will indulge him as far as it goes, but there’s really very little sign that very many Democrats actually want to nominate him. Certainly not compared with the other choices.

6. Here at Bloomberg View, don't miss Michael Bloomberg and Secretary of State John Kerry on cities and climate.

7. Nick Baumann at HuffPost on Ben Carson, gun control and the Holocaust.

8. And everyone yesterday was throwing out names of possible speakers of the House. Ed Kilgore has fun. Me? I suggested the late James Traficant. Sure, he’s dead, but other than that … well, anyone is better than bringing back Newt Gingrich.

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