Early Returns

Hillary Clinton, Authenticity and Gender

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Brendan Nyhan at the Upshot on Hillary Clinton and authenticity.

2. See too Julia Azari on how “authenticity enforces gender and race boundaries.” An important point. Richard Fenno wrote about how politicians have different “home styles,” which tend to conform to one of a number of different templates, as it were. How many of those familiar options are available for Hillary Clinton? And how does it affect her candidacy (and, if it happens, her presidency) if people don’t recognize her style as familiar because of gender?

3. Good points from Jonathan Ladd at Mischiefs of Faction about whether it’s different this time -- and when we’ll know.

4. Elaine Kamarck at Fortune on the presidency as a political job requiring political experience.

5. At the New Republic, Brian Beutler is listening carefully to Kevin McCarthy -- and hearing promises McCarthy is going to find it difficult or even impossible to fulfill as speaker.

6. And Ed Kilgore argues that, yes, Carly Fiorina’s corporate record is important. I see his point, and if we were talking statewide office, I’d agree with him. But when it comes to the presidency, she’s basically equally a terrible idea whether she was a brilliant or an inept CEO. Ronald Reagan would have been a horrible choice for president in 1964 (when he was still an actor), even though he was well-qualified by 1976 and 1980.

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