Early Returns

How to Strengthen the Affordable Care Act

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Why is Donald Trump’s support ebbing in the polls? Because the media aren’t obsessing about him as much. John Sides has the numbers.

2. Dan Drezner on the U.S. and Russia in Syria.

3. Harold Pollack at Democracy on ways to strengthen the Affordable Care Act.

4. At the Monkey Cage, Pazit Ben-Nun Bloom, Gizem Arikan and Marie Courtemanche explain their recent research looking at whether religious prompts can change attitudes on immigration. Timely.

5. Also at the Monkey Cage: Sarah Allen Gershon, Adrian D. Pantoja and J. Benjamin Taylor have been looking at the relationships between immigration, economic security and religion -- and discuss the implications for party identification among Latino voters.

6. I’m with John Patty (at Mischiefs of Faction) about evaluating John Boehner. Have to separate how he does his job from what policies his conference prefers.

7. While Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics is exactly correct about John Boehner’s strengths and the dangers for House Republicans in moving forward.

8. Good Greg Sargent point at the Plum Line: conservative Republicans just don’t like compromise, which is a bit of a problem in a system which requires compromise.

9. Nice Marc Ambinder item at FiveThirtyEight on the futility of thinking (and writing) about “authenticity.”

10. Philip Bump reminds us that Joe Biden will get less popular if he winds up formally announcing a candidacy (or, at least, he’ll poll worse).

11. The Fix’s Aaron Blake explains why no one is (probably) going to mess with Iowa and New Hampshire.

12. For an even more comprehensive look at the politics of changing the nomination process, see Josh Putnam.

13. And the great Ta-Nehisi Coates, certified genius.

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