Arthur Samberg on Investing as a Form of Problem-Solving

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This week in our Masters in Business interview, we speak with Arthur Samberg founder of hedge fund Pequot Capital Management. 

When Samberg began his first fund in 1986, there were fewer than 100 hedge funds. By 2000, Pequot had become the largest in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

Samberg, an aeronautical engineer by training, discussed his approach to investing as an exercise in problem-solving. He also was forthcoming about insider trading allegations by the Securities and Exchange Commission that resulted in a $28 million fine and that led to the fund's closing. He now runs Hawkes Financial, a family office that manages his wealth. He also is chairman of the Samberg Family Foundation, a philanthropy. 

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Next week, we speak with economist and Bloomberg View contributor Gary Shilling.

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