Ritholtz's Reads: Fed Decision to Hold Steady Was a 'Close Call'

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Without further ado, my Tuesday morning train reads:

• The QE Uptrend is now broken (Reformed Brokersee also Fed decision to hold steady was a ‘close call’ (WSJ

• Pushing back on exorbitant drug prices (Incidental Economist

• Empty Floor at Goldman Puts Change on Display (NYTsee also Goldman Has Come Up With (Yet) Another New Name for ‘Smart Beta’ (Bloomberg

• Apple Targets Electric-Car Shipping Date for 2019 (WSJ

• China And The Revenge Of The Index Number Problem (EconoSpeaksee also More on the Fed, China, and Chinese Data (Balding’s World

• DoL Fiduciary Proposal: How Tech is a Game Changer (Financial Planning

• A Bizarre Thing Happened in Texas: Wind power was so plentiful in Texas that producers sold it at a negative price. (Slatesee also Saudi Arabia squandered its groundwater and agriculture collapsed. California, take note. (Vox

• David Letterman Will Explore Climate Change For National Geographic Docu-Series (Variety

• Yale’s Sonnenfeld: Why I Still Think Fiorina Was a Terrible CEO (Politicosee also The Meaning and End of The Donald: The Definitive Guide to the Meaning of the Rise of Donald Trump and a Look at the Exact Place Where it Will End. (Medium

• The Milky Way’s Missing Mass: Partially Found (Scientific American)

What are you reading?

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