Early Returns

Assessing Rubio's Foreign-Policy Agenda

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. David Karol at the Monkey Cage explains one more time: Winnowing works. Must-read.

2. Read political scientist Lara Brown for a very different perspective on the nomination process than you’ll get from me (I think she’s totally wrong -- I think Hillary Clinton leads a fairly unified Democratic Party and the rest, while interesting, is peripheral -- but it’s important to note that political scientists differ on some of these things). We’re not far apart on the general election.

3. Dan Drezner is somewhat optimistic that behind the bluster, Marco Rubio is moving toward a relatively responsible foreign-policy agenda.

4. Dan Larison’s interpretation of Rubio? Behind the bluster, there’s just more bluster.

5. Good Reihan Salam on bigotry, diversity and the Republican Party.

6. At the Upshot, Aaron Carroll on what still needs to be reformed in U.S. health care.

7. Slate’s Jamelle Bouie on Ben Carson’s “deep commitment to paranoid politics.”

8. And Reed Galen on what it looks like from inside a dying presidential campaign.

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