Weary Greece Gives Syriza Another Chance

Now Tsipras has to make reforms that will anger the supporters who stuck with him.

Well. he's excited.

Photographer: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images)

In my trip through the central Athens polling stations on Sunday, I met only one voter who seemed cheerful. Alkaios Klaoudatos is a supporter of Syriza, the leftist government that has held power since January, and he was confident that his party was going to win the election. In fairness, virtually everyone I’ve talked to since the Friday polls were released has said that Syriza was going to win a plurality. But Klaoudatos, a lawyer, believed that his party was going to take enough votes to form a government with its previous coalition partner Independent Greeks, or ANEL, rather than seeking to share power with a larger partner such as Pasok, the old left-wing party that was pushed aside by Syriza.

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