Why Republicans May Rally Around Rubio

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Yes, what John Sides at the Monkey Cage says: Donald Trump's polling lead has been about name recognition and massive media attention. 

2. Nice interview of Republican operative Stuart Stevens by Gabriel Sherman. 

3. Nate Silver has it right: Hillary Clinton's polling numbers are sliding, and the reason that's happening has been negative media coverage -- and then the falling polling numbers become the topic of another round of negative coverage. The big cause here? Almost certainly, the media bias in favor of knocking down the leader (and thus increasing the chances of a competitive nomination contest). Expect a run of positive stories later, most likely when Clinton wins a series of primaries and locks up the delegate count (but also expect any losses to receive more coverage than the states she wins).

4. Ed Kilgore on the logic of why Republicans may rally around Marco Rubio. Note: The same logic works for Scott Walker. And possibly John Kasich, and even Bobby Jindal. Possibly even Chris Christie, I suppose. Plenty of good choices, and so far no sign of urgency. 

5. And Jaime Fuller on the Republican love affair with Joe Biden.

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