Ben Carson and Black Conservatism

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. At the Monkey Cage, Leah Wright Rigueur looks at Ben Carson within the tradition of black conservatism.

2. Also at the Monkey Cage: Kim Yi Dionne has the essential reading for all coup plotters. No, it’s not Machiavelli, but that won’t hurt, either.

3. Scott Lemieux on the fantasy campaign of Larry Lessig.

4. My Bloomberg View colleague Ramesh Ponnuru on what’s wrong with tax plans pushed by the Republican candidates. Oh, Jeb Bush is offering huge, deficit-exploding tax cuts? Yeah, I called that one.

5. Also? Jonathan Chait on the media coverage of the Jeb! tax proposal.

6. Cook’s Amy Walter makes an essential point: No one has been wrong (or correct) yet on how the nomination process plays out in the caucuses and primaries. I’ll add: Assertions by political scientists, myself included, about parties controlling nominations are about nomination outcomes, not about polls several months out. We -- I -- could be wrong, of course, but not yet.

7. At Forbes, more from Stan Collender on the possibility of a government shutdown. My view? What matters isn’t the radicals (they’re not going to support anything that Barack Obama would sign) or the leadership -- what matters is whether the bulk of mainstream conservatives in the House and Senate Republican conferences want a shutdown or not. They shouldn’t -- it’s a poor play for them -- but they shouldn’t have in 2013, either, and yet they did.

8. Kevin Drum on Scott Walker gone wrong. I suppose so, but again … there’s still plenty of time.

9. Meanwhile, Byron York looks at Mike Huckabee’s “hidden strength.” Yup -- that’s why I still have Huckabee as a second-tier candidate: not likely to win, but not a wildly unlikely longshot, either.

10. Good points from Matt Yglesias on incentives for those who want to be good politicians.

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