Filibusters, Polling and Publicity Stunts

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. So excited to see Mischiefs of Faction now as a part of Vox. Their inaugural post here.

2. Julia Azari at MoF on how fictional electoral mandates become real. I continue to disagree with her about cycles of dominant parties and ideas, but I find her ideas on mandate politics extremely intriguing.

3. Greg Koger at the Monkey Cage on why Barack Obama might prefer a filibuster to a veto to defeat a resolution against the Iran deal. I’m very skeptical that it matters one way or another, and it appears to be a moot point because the House seems to be headed down a different path anyway -- but any time you can get Koger on filibusters, take it.

4. “After all, the Bible does say those polling in the single-digits shall reap the glory of exploitative publicity stunts.” Sarah Posner on the Kim Davis circus. As far as Mike Huckabee goes: This episode is why I still see him starting from a better point than some of the longer longshots. But perhaps it really shows that he’s yesterday’s Christian conservative. I don’t know.

5. Mark Schmitt at Polyarchy on the possibility of democracy without representation and functioning legislatures. While there are some ideas there worth pursuing, in my view the MoF gang has it right: Democracy, at least in large modern polities, requires political parties.

6. And Scott Clement at The Fix on Hillary Clinton's enormous lead in high-profile endorsements -- compared with a shutout for Bernie Sanders.

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