Congressional Republicans and Foreign Policy

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1. Wrong on the presidency; wrong on Jon Snow. Seth Masket takes it to Larry Lessig. (Disclosure: Seth was working on this one at the political science conference last week, and I insisted that he work the Jon Snow angle. Not that I had to push hard; I think he was planning to anyway).

2. Good Dan Drezner analysis of Congressional Republicans and foreign policy. The key point: “Republicans in Congress really don’t take foreign policy too seriously.” That is, they play foreign policy for sound bites and symbolism. If they actually had priorities and substantive concerns and were willing to cut deals in order to achieve them, they could win quite a bit -- and at little (substantive) cost.

3. Lee Drutman at Vox looks carefully at Hillary Clinton’s new campaign finance reform proposals.

4. At CBPP, Kathleen Romig looks at Republican ideas for Social Security Disability insurance change.

5. Jonathan Chait is probably correct about the Israel lobby.

6. And Norm Ornstein has an appreciation of Andy Kohut, who died yesterday at age 73.

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