Sarah Palin, Jim Gilmore and Misinformation

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. First things first. When Pat Robertson blamed market volatility on Planned Parenthood, I said it was an important signal that even social conservatives had no interest in continuing the fight against marriage equality. I still think I’m mostly correct about that, but we’ve had at least a small flap about it over the last week -- and Robertson has revised his views. So I certainly jumped too soon on Robertson; I guess we’ll see whether I was right on my general assertion that the fight is basically over.

2. Vox’s Brad Plumer has it exactly right on what the Energy Department does, and what the press should do when politicians such as Sarah Palin claim they want to abolish it.

3. Wonderful profile of Jim Gilmore’s not-exactly-a-campaign from the Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold.

4. Paul Waldman at the Plum Line on “the outsider delusion.”

5. At the Monkey Cage, John Sides interviews Kent State political scientist Ryan Claassen about his new book, “Godless Democrats and Pious Republicans?”

6. Matthew Dickinson on partisanship, misinformation and Deflategate.

7. And for political scientists: Julia Azari at The New West on the conference in San Francisco.

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