Ritholtz's Reads: Greenspan's Bogus 'Conundrum'

Here are your Thursday morning train reads.

A long weekend beckons; the rookies still at their trading turrets can show your bosses how smart you are by plowing through our morning train reads:

• Morgan Stanley issues ‘full house’ buy alert for stocks (Telegraph)

• Lessons from the Correction (ETFsee also Plan and Act, Don’t React (Aleph)

• Greenspan’s bogus “conundrum” (FT Alphaville)

• New study argues hedge funds are an even worse scam than we thought (Voxsee also Are Hedge Funds Fake? (Bloomberg View)

• There’s still too many gold market bulls (Marketwatch)

• Six questions about China’s rise from 1953 (Vox EUsee also China is scaring away foreign investors with its efforts to defend shares (Economist)

• Pell: We Are Not In a financial bubble, We Are In a Psychological Bubble (Medium)

• Telltale signs that you need to abandon your “sinking ship” company (Quartz)

• Keep Calm And Ignore The 2016 ‘Game Changers’ (FiveThirtyEight)

• Amazon Lets Apple, Android Users Download Prime Videos (Re/code)

What are you reading? 

Monthly US Light Vehicle Sales

vehicle sales

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