Democratic Insiders Vs. Joe Biden

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1. “Liberia’s civil war was an American civil war, in many respects.” The Monkey Cage’s Laura Seay interviews journalist Johnny Dwyer.

2. Good discussion of Trump, Republicans and policy from Plum Line’s Greg Sargent ... but mainly I love his parenthetical caveats.

3. Here at View, Ramesh Ponnuru is good on why Republicans don’t need to worry too much about Trump. I tend to agree, except possibly on immigration -- but I don’t think that’s about Trump, one way or another.

4. Excellent back and forth on Biden/Clinton from Nate Silver and Harry Enten, focusing on how as far as we can tell there’s no reason to believe the vice president could be a competitive candidate. One caveat, however. They say a Biden decision to formally enter the race would indicate that there’s information we aren’t aware of suggesting Clinton is vulnerable. There could be two other possible explanations, however: Biden could misinterpret the same information we have, or he could decide to run even though he recognizes heavy odds against him.

5. More evidence: Katie Glueck has Politico’s Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic insiders saying they don’t want Biden to run.  

6. If you’re sick of 2016 already, there’s always the next cycle.

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