When Donald Trump Attacks on Twitter

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Tom Mann brings down the hammer on the “absurd” Lawrence Lessig presidential campaign. Mann is correct to be angry. He’s a reformer, and as he says Lessig is a disaster for reform -- and, with Donald Trump, part of the “dumbing down of American politics.”  Hey, wait -- I’m not a reformer, and I love the idea of (as Lessig has toyed with) bringing Joe Biden back for another term as vice president. Maybe I should sign up!

2. Also at the new Institute of Government Studies blog: Terri Bimes on Joe Biden.

3. File this one under “real media bias”: Matt Yglesias is correct about coverage of Hillary Clinton. I strongly suspect, however, that it’s business -- the media’s interest in having a competitive contest -- and not personal.

4. Ryan Lizza at the New Yorker makes the comprehensive case that Joe Biden’s “insurance policy” campaign is smart, but anything more would be hopeless.

5. Good Greg Sargent look into those polling numbers saying that people don’t trust Clinton.

6. Sarah Posner on Trump and religion.

7. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bill Clinton and Toni Morrison: “She was welcoming him into a club which should not exist.”

8. Andrew Sprung runs the numbers to figure out how many Americans have no government health insurance subsidy at all.

9. And who Trump attacks on Twitter and who attacks Trump. Sure, Harry Enten and Allisson McCann, I’ll click on that.

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