Jimmy Carter and the Limits of Being Likable

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Nice one from Matthew Dickinson about Jimmy Carter and the limitations of being likable.

2. Very interesting stuff from Julia Azari at Mischiefs of Faction about Carter’s effect on the presidency and why it’s worth paying attention to him, apart from the obvious point that he was very, very bad at it. She makes a strong case. One small addition from my own research: There’s evidence that Carter’s presidency marked a turning point in the place of parties in the White House, with Carter marking the first stirrings of what would become the partisan presidency.

3. Seth Masket, also at MoF on how Colorado Republicans will select their delegates next year.

4. At the Monkey Cage, Cas Muddle considers Donald Trump in comparative perspective. Helpful.

5. Amber Phillips at the Fix on candidates bragging about messing with the opposition party’s primaries. Remember: Assuming Hillary Clinton is in strong shape by the end of the year, she’s going to have strong incentives to do this. And plenty of resources.

6. And a good Nate Silver item on Trump: If he dominates media coverage, his polling will stay afloat. And he’s very good at it. But a lot easier to do in August than it will be in January.

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