Ritholtz's Reads: Upside of a Downturn in Silicon Valley

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After yesterday’s reversal, it looks as if this has not finished running its course. My morning train reads:

  • Stock Markets Lose 5 Percent In a Week: What Happens Next (NYT)
  • Market pullbacks: We Could Really Use the Rain (L.K. Benson & Companysee also A 0.5% Day (Irrelevant Investor)
  • How Silver Wrecked China (BV)
  • Last Two Days Are #5 and #6 One-Day VIX Spikes in History (VIX and Moresee also I Knew Black Monday. Black Monday Was a Friend of Mine. This Was No Black Monday (Streetwise Professor)
  • Investors in Europe Go Bargain Hunting (WSJ)
  • Q&A: Why the Chinese slowdown everybody knew was coming is causing a freak-out (WonkBlogsee also Time to Dust Off the Asian Contagion Playbook? (Barron’s)
  • The Stock Market Plunge Is Great News for Walmart (Slate)
  • The Upside of a Downturn in Silicon Valley (NYTsee also In a Pivot-Happy World, We Need to Let Twitter Be Twitter (NY Mag)
  • The Economic Guide To Picking A College Major (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Michigan grad finishes 3,200-mile cross-country ‘Gump Run’ in 99 days (MLive)

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