Obama's Activist Lame Duck Period

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Seth Masket at Pacific Standard on the millennial vote.

2. Dan Drezner on North Korea.

3. Kevin Drum (with help from Quentin Tarantino) runs down what Barack Obama’s been up to in the last nine months.

4. Greg Sargent argues that Barack Obama’s activist second term will “form the basis for the broad contrasts that will drive next year’s presidential race.” I’m not completely convinced. If Obama hadn’t acted on climate, Democrats would still support strong measures and Republicans would still have rejected them -- although Greg is correct that Obama’s choices affect the details. More important? They set the status quo the next administration will deal with, and U.S. politics strongly favors the status quo.

5. Jamelle Bouie on Katrina and Black Lives Matter.

6. Good point from Dan Larison at The American Conservative: Scott Walker’s latest anti-Obama and anti-China nonsense isn’t just knee-jerk scapegoating; it’s connected to “the complete contempt for diplomacy that so many hawks like Walker have.”

7. At Bloomberg Politics, Ann Selzer on how Carly Fiorina may be relegated to the warm-up debate thanks to CNN’s rules.

8. The Washington Post’s Ben Terris on the epic fight over whether Dixville Notch’s role in the pageantry of New Hampshire primary elections will continue.

9. And at the Monkey Cage, Michael C. Horowitz ponders whether Roger Goodell’s choices can be explained … by political science findings about dictators. 

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