Should Jerry Brown Be Hillary's Understudy?

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1. Mischiefs of Faction’s Jennifer Victor has the list of presidents who held no previous elective office, but you want it for: “Suffice to say, by historical standard he is not a high-quality candidate and his polling dominance is primarily a function of his fame and relatively lack luster performances by his opponents, so far.” We really can’t make that point enough: It’s fame, not issues, driving the Trump surge.

2. Anna O. Law at the Monkey Cage on birthright citizenship.

3. Lara Brown at U.S. News makes the case for Jerry Brown over Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton's understudy. Can’t say I agree. Biden is “only” 72; Brown is 77. That’s a not-insubstantial difference. And while Brown seems to have recovered his reputation in California, I strongly suspect that his decades-old image of flakiness would matter a lot more to Democratic party actors than the things that have made them reluctant to support Biden. Also? Even in the event of a Clinton collapse, I suspect that being a friend of the Clintons would be a plus.

4. Dan Drezner recognizes Donald Trump’s “passionate” supporters -- or at least what political thinker to invoke about them.

5. Brad DeLong says it’s a mystery why the Fed should be interested in raising interest rates right now, and asks what Janet Yellen and Stanley Fischer are looking at.

6. HuffPollster fact-checks Trump on how much pollsters are paid.

7. Amanda Terkel on how women who have run for president perceived the process. Good item -- although it’s also worth remembering that only Clinton, both in 2008 and this time around, has had conventional credentials for the job (unless we count Sarah Palin’s semi-candidacy early in the 2012 cycle). That said, it’s also not exactly a surprise that the (presumably) first woman to win a major party nomination is unusually (over-)credentialed.

8. And don’t miss View’s Christopher Flavelle on citizenship -- from a personal point of view.

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