Donald Trump and Deez Nutz Have Peaked

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. At the Monkey Cage, an important point from Anthony Madonna and Ian Ostrander: When Congress cuts and de-professionalizes its own staff, lobbyists step in.

2. Lynn Vavreck at the Upshot reminds us of the boomlets of 2011, and what they say about Donald Trump’s current surge.

3. Excellent item from Jonathan Ladd at Mischiefs of Faction about the business of producing political news. In a market in which it’s just not a popular product.

4. Dan Drezner on the Fed’s inflation focus -- and the risks they appear ready to ignore.

5. Another Monkey Cage item: Mark Bell looks at what nuclear weapons would actually mean for Iran. If I understand correctly, the answer is that going nuclear in general has quite a few advantages -- but that Iran isn’t well situated to exploit them.

6. Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein looks at the polls and sees signs that Trump has peaked. Could be true, although I remain skeptical of short-term predictions. Overall, however, it’s likely that serious resistance to Trump begins around where he is now.

7. Annie Lowrey on Barack Obama’s contribution to out-of-control presidential libraries.

8. Terrific Marin Cogan interview/profile of Claire McCaskill.

9. And Vox’s Timothy Lee on the Deez Nuts presidential campaign -- and what it says about Trump’s polling. Basic story, as I’ve been saying: Don’t take what people tell pollsters in August 2015 at face value, and certainly not as an indication of firm voting decisions.

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