What Americans Really Think About the Iran Deal

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1. Dan Drezner calls bunk on bringing U.S. jobs back -- jobs that no longer exist.

2. Just how nuts is it to base important decisions on the difference between 9th and 12th place in national polls? Marin Cogan of New York magazine investigates.

3. Nate Silver’s Joe Biden item overlaps with mine ... but I think I like his a little better. A different way of expressing it? Biden’s real opponents are the other "in case of emergency" Democratic possibilities -- John Kerry, Al Gore, possibly Elizabeth Warren, plus the announced candidates who are not Hillary Clinton.  Biden has to do very little for now -- which he is doing.

4. Also at FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten makes the case that the networks might as well use national polling to determine debate invitations, given that none of the other indicators works well either at predicting who will be nominated. I’ve argued parties shouldn't leave it up to the networks, or at least that Republicans shouldn’t have this year.

5. Greg Sargent at the Plum Line is excellent on polling of the Iran deal.

6. Good Brian Beutler item on abortion, Republicans and a possible shutdown showdown. At the New Republic.

7. Slate’s Jamelle Bouie on Ferguson.

8. Jonathan Chait makes the case that Republicans have a Trump problem in Florida. I’m hesitant to endorse this kind of argument. For the most part, primary battles will be long forgotten by next November, and at any rate what usually matters is the national electorate, not state quirks. Then again, Florida isn’t just another state. Worth considering.

9. And View’s Noah Smith on Star Trek economics. Interesting points, but the idea that "The Next Generation" is “easily the best of the Star Trek shows” is weak. Strong cases can be made for Captain Kirk’s "Star Trek" or for "Deep Space Nine."

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