The Next Liberal Agenda

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1. Seth Masket at Mischiefs of Faction is correct: Parties define themselves through their nominations, including the part where they reject some candidates. But it’s also true that Republicans have been teaching their voters for at least 40 years to respond to what Donald Trump is selling.

2. Also at MoF: Julia Azari on the next liberal agenda and whether it will work within the Democratic Party. 

3. At the Monkey Cage, Jennifer Hochschild and Katherine Levine Einstein on misinformation.

4. Good Jonathan Allen item at Vox explaining that, yes, Hillary Clinton is an excellent candidate --- even though her skills are not always on public display. As I’ve said, people don’t win presidential nominations by accident.

5. Stan Collender at Forbes on how Republicans appear to be abandoning reconciliation. Fair enough, but it’s not as if anything they were going to pass was going to be enacted into law. Basically, during divided government with partisan polarization, reconciliation isn’t especially valuable since the hurdle is the veto, not the filibuster. And Republican leaders can still use reconciliation to pass an eventual budget deal with the president, if that’s where we’re headed.

6. Excellent item, with nice graphics, from the New York Times’s Kevin Quealy and Amanda Cox on how chance will determine who gets into the first Republican debate.

7. Ed Kilgore has a nice analysis of what’s gone wrong for Mike Huckabee so far.

8. And Plum Line’s Greg Sargent on how Dodd-Frank will play out on the campaign trail.

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