Hillary Clinton's Supposed Problems

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1. Scott Lemieux on why, yes, Scott Walker could be president.

2. I missed this one earlier: Eric Ostermeier at Smart Politics on the stability of states in presidential elections.  

3. At the Monkey Cage: Laura Seay and Alex de Waal discuss what goes wrong (and right) when outsiders try to help people caught in international conflicts.

4. I agree with Kevin Drum of Mother Jones: I’d love to see a poll of how many people believe the U.S. could win any war it wanted within 10 days.

5. My Bloomberg View colleague Francis Wilkinson thinks about what Ted Cruz can do with his huge haul of campaign money. I agree that Cruz could cause a lot of damage to Republicans, although I’m skeptical he himself will benefit from it, at least as far as the nomination goes.

6. Paul Waldman correctly notes that Hillary Clinton’s supposed problem with small donors isn’t an actual problem. Two additional points: First, Clinton raised lots of money from small donors; she just raised even more from the big-money crowd. Second, she has no problem with voters, at least according to polls so far.

7. And Kylopod on “the joys of being persecuted.”

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