The Iran Deal Won't Matter in 2016

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Marc Lynch at the Monkey Cage wonders whether the Iran deal will lead to regional change.

2. Henry Farrell, also at the Monkey Cage, on what the deal tells us about U.S. global financial power. 

3. Dan Drezner reminds us that the deal could still collapse, but he’s an optimist at this point.

4. Slate’s Fred Kaplan tell us why he is bullish on the Iran deal.

5. Dan Larison likes it too.

6. I agree with Ed Kilgore’s conclusion that the Iran deal won’t matter much in the 2016 general election.

7. Here at View, Eli Lake and Josh Rogin on Nancy Pelosi and the Iran deal.

8. Amanda Terkel at HuffPost makes an easily overlooked point about women in politics.

9. And Chris Cillizza reminds us of (some of) what’s at stake in 2016.

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